Belles are high school (9th-12th) girls who have been accepted into the Belle program. These young ladies will complete a minimum of fifteen volunteer assignments at community nonprofit organizations such as:

Through these assignments, Belles are learning more about our community and the value of giving back. The Belle program fosters responsibility, dedication and etiquette. Our Belles are held to the highest standards. Upon successful completion of all Belle program requirements, Belles are presented with a certificate of participation which is often used on college admission applications.

The parent, grandparent, legal guardian, or other designated family member who has attained Active status and is in good standing with the Midland Symphony Guild may submit the Belle’s name to the Belle Vice President for application to the Belle Program. The Guild (adult) member of a Belle must remain an Active member in good standing throughout the Belle’s participation in the Belle Program.

Senior Belles 2015-2016
Photo By: Routh Photography

Pictured from Left to Right:

Row One: Mackenzie Anne Kidwell, Holly Regan Holderness, Lindsey Nicole Greenlee, Megan Renee Flowers, Madison Brittnea Roberson, Tally Marie Howard, Rachel Paige Pitchford, Hanna Irene Pierce

Row Two: Katie Lynne Jones, Katherine Wynell Robinson, Claire Ann Crawford, Claire Elizabeth Lancaster, Kelsie Ellise Kennedy, Lauren Renee Rogers, Emily Claire Key, Elizabeth Rose Low,

Kristian Marie Padilla

Row Three: Ana Juleisa Carnero-Hinojoso, Jaycie Nicole Brooks, Madison Ann Ford, Katy Aileen Sanders, Darby Cecelia O’Grady, Jacee Laine Holcomb, Kenzie Leigh Moore, Alissa Julianne Erdwurm

Not Pictured: Brittany Nicole Bridges, Sarah Dell Porter, Nancy Elizabeth Rhone, Amy Elizabeth Wilson

Freshman Belles 2015-2016
Photo By: Routh Photography

Pictured from left to right:

Row One: Genevieve Daniels, Lauren Boyt, Carley Ramharter, Camille Courtney, Laura Kate Sparks, Jordan Williams, Awbrey Ochoa, Savannah Cain

Row Two: Claire Keck, Lindsey Carnett, Maggie Gramentine, Sara Wheeless, Anna Boring, Macy Murphy, Emily Ports, Saloni Cholia, Isabella Garriga

Row Three: Sydney Wilson, Stockton Ashley, Allison Gamertsfelder, Brooke King, Kensley Vanderburg, Kate Fisher, Ashley Lawrence, Hallee Hightower

Row Four: Sydney Crawford, Macy Kidwell, Gina Campagna, Maggie Morton, Rachel Lyon, Kathleen O’Grady, Avrie Ryan, Ellie Sidebottom, Attison Hall

Row Five: Allison Robinson, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Taylor Wilbanks, Kelly Anne Hernandez, Lauren Danley, Jessica Hooper, Landry Louder, Hayley Branco.

Not pictured: Madison Elrod, Kelsey Harrington, Rachel Hulder, Rebecca Reed, Madeline Sanchez, Reagan St. Peters