Members In Training

MITs are individuals who have been invited to Guild membership following a written recommendation by an Active or Patron member and approval of the Board of Directors and who are engaged in complying with the requirements of admission to Active membership.

The Guild has developed a training year for MITs. In order to be eligible for Active membership, MITs shall be required to complete a training course within 12 months after their acceptance into the Guild. This training will focus on education and history of the Guild, the Symphony, and the Belle program. MITs will have different membership requirements than Active members and will not vote or hold office. During the training year MITs shall:

1. Attend at least three General meetings;

2. Pay all Guild financial obligations;

3. Fulfill an assigned placement on service project of the Guild, as requested;

4. Attend three MIT training sessions; and

5. Attend at least one MOSC concert during the training year.

Your daughter will be able to enter the Belle program upon your successful completion of the MIT training year. In each of the following years, you will be required to fulfill the Active membership requirements.

One new adult membership with an 8th grade daughter to be a Belle is $50. For a new membership with a 9th or 10th grade daughter, add $270 for each year the daughter will be past 8th grade.  All fees support MSG and the Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale.

For more information please complete the contact form or contact:

Member in Training (MIT) Chairperson

Blanche Wheeless


Registration for the 2018-2019 will begin January 2018.


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